About OrgOrg

We are OrgOrg.

We are Office Managers, HR Departments, and DIY IT Professionals. 
We are Facilities Managers, Administrative Assistants, 
Event Planners, and everything else under the sun.
We are Business Operations, and we are the lifeblood of our companies.
We keep the lights on, the checks paid, and the bellies full.

We are the Organization Organizers, and we are here to help each other out.

How we got started...

In October 2012, Kim had just started her new job as the Office Manager at Disqus, as the 13th employee, 1st woman, and only person doing something that wasn’t coding or business. Disqus was located in an old and falling apart super cool brick and timber building, and sometimes the toilets didn’t flush (or the freight elevator was broken, or the garbage stank up the building...). Who was she to turn to for advice on how to deal with property management, or how to get in touch with facilities? The engineers certainly didn’t know.

Enter Melissa. Melissa worked at GitHub, conveniently located just one floor above Disqus, and one of Kim’s coworkers was kind enough to make the introduction. Melissa had been at this for several years already, and knew the ropes in the building. It only took a few emails back and forth to bring other like-minded folks into the conversation...starting with Sharon, Heroku’s resident Vibe Manager.

Sharon and Melissa had been meeting regularly at Stable Cafe to talk mostly about what they wanted to be when they grew up, but also about how rad it would be to start a group of Office Managers that could exchange brilliant ideas and stop this madness of going at it alone. Then on November 5, 2010, the stars aligned and the best Google Group ever was started, thank you universe, and OrgOrg* was born!

Sharon, Melissa and Kim started by adding a few friends, but word quickly spread. Today, the group has over 550 members, from over 350 companies, from San Francisco to Berlin! We’re excited about the future of this group, and look forward to helping OrgOrg’ers learn and grow while building successful careers and connecting with each other.

Kim, Melissa, and Sharon

*Where’d we come up with the name? Kim’s friend Miranda was working at Couchsurfing.org, with the title “Organization Organizer”. It seemed appropriate :)

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